Is Phoebe Bridgers Taking Herself too seriously?

Phoebe is way famous. Her music is even part of popular TV shows, not just as soundtrack, but to illustrate plot points? But she’s also a huge advocate for mental health and LGBTQ. She sometimes attacks those who don’t share her views, such as former tennis great Margaret Court. (Margaret Court is a Pentecostal minister now and is anti LGBTQ. My question is whether Phoebe should maybe stay in her own lane. I’m not sure verbal attacks on people are the answer to what’s wrong in this world.

Biden Administration & DEA to Further Regulate ADHD Meds

For over a year, there’s been a shortage of medication for ADHD, in particular, Adderall. It took six months for the FDA to admit the problem, and haplessly write it off to “Covid-related Supply Chain Glitches” and “Manufacturing Issues Related to Covid.”

That’s not half of the story. What’s true is the DEA imposes strict limits to how much Adderall the drug companies are allowed to produce. I learned about this back in the late 1990’s, when a Ritalin shortage gripped greater Southern California and extended down into Mexico. Demand had outpaced supply, and there was nothing anyone could do but wait for the government to ease up those limits.

What’s interesting is that there were no such moratoriums imposed on Rx Pain pills during the 90s and 2000’s, seems to the RadioActive Patient that plenty of prescription opiates found their way to the black market and the goverment’s ham-handed “War on Drugs” approaches have only backfires.

People who can’t get Adderall are getting it on the black market, which is why its being detected in increasing numbers of U.S. Fentanyl Overdoses.

When will our government figure it out and look at harm reduction? Controlled substances are better for people than M30 coming in from Mexico. Puleeze, write to the DEA during their 30-day public comment period. Let our voices be heard.

Bipolar with ADHD and Tardive Dyskinesia (A “Radioactive Patient) loses her shrink-the hunt for a new one.

I’ve been in treatment for bipolar since 1989. I was working as a radio disc jockey and had the graveyard shift. I lost a month’s worth of sleep and it was suspected I was having a manic episode, so off I went to a psychiatric hospital.

I’ve weathered Weight Gain, Tardive Dyskinesia, Prozac “Poop-Out” Depressions and mental health stigma, so when my shrink announced his retirement and offerred no referrals, I freaked out.

Then I used “Psychology Today’s” search for a psychiatrist function. In it, I encountered doctors who work for Talkiatry so I completed Talkiatry’s online assessment form and was informed “Oops, we might not be a good match” or “A Good Fit” or some other Bro-language message.

But Talkiatry kept emailing and calling me. When they finally got ahold of me, things got wierder and more stigmatizing from there.

But I write it up to the company hiring young people who aren’t really mindful of what they’re saying and how it might affect someone like me who is rejection sensitive. You’ve got to see this video, the kicker in the video happens halfway in.

Atrocious AI-Generated Voiceovers

Recently, I heard a AI-Generated voice on a video by “Celebrity Star” YouTube channel regarding the Death of Burt Bacharach.

The voice pronounced the ‘ch’ at the end of Bacarach’s name like the ‘ch’ in ‘Change.”

It also “He died at his home in Los Angeles by spelling out the “LOS” so it sounded like ‘L-Oh-Es Angeles'” and other mispronounciations.

Especially heartbreaking because the video was about Bacharach’s oldest daughter, who committed suicide at the age of 40. Where’s the dignity and respect these souls deserve?

Another AI-Generated voice “The Illuminaghti” is pretty good until she pronounces the name of former US President John F. Kennedy as “Key-nay-Dee.”

Why do we follow and subscribe to this accounts?

How about starting a “We The People” army of boycotters?

Dual Diagnosis Bipolar:

It’s a BITCH!!!

Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland was a perfect example of what bipolar can do to a person and the self-medication that can go with it. More complicated is when you have a substance abuse issue, legal troubles and bipolar disorder, and there are way too many people in your life telling you what to do and how to do it.

Right now, I struggle with bipolar/adhd, I take my meds as prescribed but I wasn’t always this way. There was a period when my Prozac stopped working, (Prozac Poopout, very common but not spoken about at ALL!).

I had just had two knee surgeries, had access to instant release Rx opiates and they kind of kept me afloat. I would not recommend this method or coping strategy, as it landed me back in rehab, the last place I wanted to revisit, but I am alive today and compared to those who are no longer with us, I guess I’m lucky I have today.

This is for Scott Weiland. He would have wanted this.

Did OIC save Matthew Perry’s Life?

When actor Matthew Perry of “Friends” fame resurfaced on late night and daytime talk show television, he put out the gory details regarding what opiates kept doing to his gut.

Opiate-induced Constipation is not a laughing matter. It can kill and it almost killed Perry.

Of course the book Perry just published, “Friends, Lovers and That Big Terrible Thing” goes into this in even greater detail, it’s a very medical book with abandonment issues and other stuff sprinkled in to hold people’s interest.

Whoever edited the memoir did a terrific job because it’s snappy, entertaining and informative. Yes, there’s catharsis beyond the gory constipation and exploding colon stuff, but if you want a quick run down of the memoir, here it is. Look no further.

Best Recovery Memoir 2022

And the Winner is “Blood Orange Night” by Melissa A Bond. Melissa was prescribed Ativan, a powerful, fast-acting benzodiazepine, so she could sleep. She took it exactly as prescribed but soon found herself in way over her head and on the verge of losing everything.

A snappy writer with a powerfully propulsive style of writing (first person, present tense) Melissa’s book is something I’ll never forget. I think it spoke to me because I’ve been prescribed medications that caused side effects and found doctors less than eager to clean up the mess they helped make!

Any other people experience this?

Here’s my video book review, I guess you’d call it “Booktube.”

Henry Rollins is back, with a slightly different message.

He locked himself away during Covid. He says he believes 2020 Election deniers. That is to say he believes that they believe and their belief is strong. He’s trying to meet people halfway. This is a far cry from the man who mocked Morrissey on live Televsion.

I’ve put a link in this YouTube video to Henry Rollins live spoken word show in Nashville, and a link to a wild and crazy Subreddit where people wonder why some in the punk rock community hate Henry so much. Is all this hate warranted?

Does Putin’s Rhetoric re Ukrainan Neo-Nazi’s

have a grain of truth to it?

I just finished reading “A Man of Two Superpowers: From Russia with Hope,” a memoir from a Ukrainian-born Russian Jewish man who emigrated to the United States in the mid-fifties when it was almost impossible to do so. His views on The Ukraine belonging to Russia and anti-Semitism in Russia and The Ukraine gave me pause.

Are we being fed propaganda stateside? Read this book to find out.